Garlic Mustard


Garlic Mustard is bursting with tropical lime and tangy mustard, roasted garlic,  intense habanero peppers, and the ever healthy tumeric to deliver a vibrant and can’t get enough sauce.





Spicy pure Panama habanero peppers and tangy vinegar are blended together for the ultimate flavor you’ll love. You’ll not find a more perfect hand crafted, flavorful sauce to go with spicy wings, and more. Great on the grill, in the oven, or straight out of the bottle. Try it all three ways!


The perfect accompaniment to wings.




The Adobo is an all natural outstanding authentic Latin beef flavor. A tasty immersion of  Chipotle peppers, vinegar, and spices.  Straight from the fields of Panama, 980 Adobo will enhance any meal!






All natural Sriracha sauce begins with freshest fiery habanero peppers, combined with chili peppers and the perfect amount of sweetness and spices. 980 Sriracha is lively with fiery goodness. Full of dynamic character